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National Black Congress: Ambivalence and Ambiguity

William W Emilson

Chapter 10 from Jione Havea’s (Ed) book: Indigenous Australia and the Unfinished Business of Theology: Cross Cultural Engagement, Palgrave Macmillan 2014.

This article identifies and explores a range of the issues which Congress and the Uniting Church are still/again dealing with. Emilson identifies and explores some of the big visions that were there at the beginning and also the contestations and complications of many of the issues, challenges and decisions that Congress and the Uniting Church are continuing to wrestle with.

“I’ve found it a really helpful article myself, and believe it would be useful to share among a number of other Congress folk and supporters of Congress.  I see no other articles around that cover the matters so broadly and yet with significant depth.” Rev. Dean Whittaker

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Following Jesus in Invaded Space: Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land

"I've puzzled about why there has been such a relatively sparse body of contextual and 'place-based' theology emerging from white Australia. Perhaps what has been lacking is the appropriate approach to the Australian landscape. I believe that Chris Budden's theology of 'Second Peoples' provides that approach. This book opens up a project that will hopefully animate a fresh, vigorous, and distinctively Australian theological conversation, especially between First and Second Peoples. But Budden's work is relevant to all of us who dwell on lands that have been invaded and occupied, and who are struggling to understand how to live the Christian tradition as inheritors of a legacy of conquest and continuing racism. This is an important contribution to imagining our future as a post-Constantinian church." Ched Myers, author of Who Rolled Away the Stone?

About the Author

Chris Budden is a parish minister of the Uniting Church in Australia, and an Associate Researcher in the Public and Contextual Theology Strategic Research Centre at Charles Sturt University. He is the author of a number of articles in public theology.

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