2023 Synod Meeting

The dates for the 2023 Synod meeting are 21st - 24th June. More details to follow at a later date.



We gather members from congregations and ministries from across South Australia. In the Uniting Church, the Synod is one of the interrelated councils of the Church, each council having its separate responsibilities, and the requirement to listen to other councils of churches.

What is a Synod?

What is the role and function of the Synod in the life of the church?

To prepare for the Synod meeting, please view this video, which features Rev Dr Tim Hein, Executive Officer, Mission and Leadership Development explaining what a Synod is.

What happens at a Synod meeting?

How does the meeting work? How do we make decisions?

To understand meeting procedures please view this video produced by the Queensland Synod.


Credit: The Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod.


Reports of the 2022 Meeting

Contents Page Reports

Combined printable version of all Synod 2022 Reports

S1.3 Standing Committee 2022

Standing Committee Profiles

S1.4 Presbytery Restructure Review Task Group

S1.5 Moderator Nominating Committee

S1.6 Generate Presbytery

S1.7 Wimala Presbytery

S1.8 Presbytery of Southern SA 2022

S1.9 Synod Strategy & Planning Working Group

S1.11 Professional Development Task Group

S2.1 Mercer (Uniting Benefciary Fund) Report (please note this report is a video presentation file)

S2.2 Disaster and Recovery Ministries

S2.3 Mission and Leadership Development Board 2022

S2.4 Mission Resourcing 2022

S2.5 Placements and Safe Church

S2.6 Resources Board Report - Financial Report 2022

S2.7 Stipends Committee

S2.8 Synod Covenanting Committee 2022

S2.9 Synod Ecumenical Relations Committee 2022

S2.10 UCSA Foundation Grants Comittee

S2.11 UAICC 2022

S2.12 UnitingCare SA

S3.1 Engagement 2022

S3.2.1 Record of Service - Rev Ian Clarkson

S3.2.2 Record of Service - Rev Kaye Colliver 2022

S3.2.3 Record of Service - Rev Rod Dyson 2022

S3.2.4 Record of Service - Rev Gayle McClimont 2022

S3.2.5 Record of Service - Pastor Brian Tugwell 2022

S3.2.6 Record of Service - Rev Sandra Webb 2022

S3.2.7 Record of Service - Rev Trevor Whitney 2022

S3.3 In Memoriam

S3.5 Converge International

S3.7 Training Aboriginal Christian Leaders 2022

S3.8 Uniting Church SA Historical Society

S3.9 UCSA Relief Fund 2022

Synod Meeting Minutes

Synod Meetings





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