White Ribbon Day

Upcoming events will be raising awareness of domestic and family violence provide opportunities for the Uniting Church in South Australia to express our commitment to being a community in Christ, compassionately advocating for people whose lives are affected by violence. 

Family and domestic violence is often a silent epidemic in Australia. The statistics state that one in three Australian women will suffer this kind of violence in their lifetime, and more than one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. In addition to this, one in four Australian children witnesses domestic violence while growing up.

In the coming week, a number of individuals and groups within the church are involved in observing White Ribbon Day – a global movement committed to stopping violence against women. This involvement is part of the expression of our Uniting Church SA “Beyond Violence” campaign. 

This year Adelaide will host a White Ribbon March for the first time. Taking place at 10am on Saturday 29 November, this march is a wonderful opportunity to show Adelaide residents that our Uniting Church communities are visibly taking the lead on this important issue.

As part of our commitment to ending violence against women and their children, I’m also attending an ecumenical “church leaders sign-up” to the White Ribbon Pledge, which states the following: “I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. This is my oath.”

I'd like to invite you, as a Christian leader in our community, to join me at Flinders Street Baptist Church on Thursday 27 November at 10am to commit to the White Ribbon Pledge, both verbally and by signing up on the White Ribbon website. We hope to have dozens of Christian leaders attend on this day. Contact Tim Molineux, tmolineux@sa.uca.org.au to sign up or to notify your attendance.

A third event in the coming week is the “Beyond Violence” workshop that the Uniting Church SA Moderator is hosting at Brougham Place Uniting Church, on Tuesday 25 November, 7-9pm. This is a workshop for people in congregations who are involved in leadership and pastoral care, and who are seeking to further explore issues facing people who experience domestic and family violence. The workshop will also provide ways we, as a church, can support those affected. Please contact Tim Molineux tmolineux@sa.uca.org.au if you would like to find out more or attend this workshop.

May God give us wisdom, vision and courage to be a Christian community that supports and embodies relationships in which all people have freedom to flourish.