Uniting Church will Mourn for Imprisoned Children on International Human Rights Day - December 10

The Uniting Church will gather at 8.15pm on 10 December, International Human Rights Day to mourn for children currently held in detention.

Gathering on the front steps of Brougham Place Uniting Church, the concerned community will light candles, lament and pray for the release of children who are currently suffering.

The Uniting Church has long been calling for the freeing of all children and their families and all unaccompanied children from all immigration detention centres.

Recently the Uniting Church offered to care for asylum seekers in the community, writing to the Australian Government and offering sanctuary for all unaccompanied children being held on Christmas Island, offering an alternative to their being deported to Nauru.

The Uniting Church SA Moderator, Dr Deidre Palmer states, "we will continue to seek to challenge the government’s inhumane approach to the treatment of asylum seekers and encourage others to embrace a more welcoming response to those who seek asylum here." 

A Facebook event invitation has been established for the 10 December event and can be accessed here.