Changing Landscapes Working Group

To progress the work of the CLWG, the Presbytery Strategic Planning Team is continuing to formulate plans for the church’s future, based on the feedback received through discussions, debates and forums around the Presbytery/Synod of SA.

Below is a copy of the "Changing Landscapes" Discussion Papers (produced for distribution at the June 2013 Presbytery and Synod meeting) which are designed to spark off discussion about the urgent issues we are facing, where we see God at work and what courageous decisions might be possible in the future.

Changing Landscapes Discussion papers June 2013 (2 mb PDF)

A "Charter for a Pilgrim People" was then developed as a way to help people think through the issues facing us and make affirmations that will lead us into the future. The Charter is meant to help Church Councils and congregations consider what it means to be a community of disciples, what it means to be a pilgrim people, holding carefully, thoughtfully but lightly to tradition, property and structures.

You can read the Charter here.

Charter for a pilgrim people (42 kb PDF) 

At the November 2013 Synod and Presbytery meeting, the Presbytery Strategic Planning Team was requested to undertake the following (amongst other things) in preparation for future planning of Uniting Church SA:

  • prepare study material to guide reflection on the Charter for a Pilgrim People.
  • receive, from all parts of the church, stories and general feedback on the ideas contained in the draft Charter for a Pilgrim People and specific suggestions for wording, with a view to bringing a final draft Charter for a Pilgrim People for adoption at the November 2014 Presbytery and Synod meeting.
  • throughout 2014 conduct a series of debates/conversations/forums each of which will deal with a specific, provocative suggestion for institutional and administrative change within the life of our church. 
  • bring specific proposals to the Presbytery and Synod of November 2014 that specifically address institutional and administrative changes required to meet the concerns of the CLWG’s brief from October 2012.

This is being achieved by many different methods, including a series of discussion articles for New Times beginning in February 2014. The articles are thought provoking, with content that aims to inform and challenge the way readers think about the future of the Uniting Church in SA. An article has appeared each month since then.