How this app came to be

The Uniting Church in SA have been focusing on a strategic plan that has 6 key directions. The purpose of these directions is to assist us to look at our church and how we can further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Key Direction 1 (KD1) is 'conversion growth'.

Within the team responsible for guiding KD1, we realized that the first step is for us as Christians to share our faith: not something that we often do well in our western culture.

So we have spent the past year developing 50 ways to share your faith. This program has a few exciting ways that you can receive a weekly update that includes an idea on how you can share your faith, followed by a true story that illustrates the idea.

These activities aren't reserved for those perfect moments where life sets up the perfect circumstances. The easy-to-use principles will be welcomed in every-day settings by your friends, work colleagues, fellow church members and family.

The hope is that these stories will act as inspiration - showing you just how easy and natural it can be to share what you believe.