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Selection of leaders

No one should be considered for a voluntary leadership role unless they have been part of the congregation for at least six months. The six month rule allows members of the congregation and the individual to get to know one another.

Selection of leaders should take into account the applicant’s:
• relevant leadership skills and experience
• personal standards and character
• ability to develop appropriate relationships
• maturity in faith
• awareness of and willingness to work within the Uniting Church ethos and code of conduct.

Can you be “too young” to be a leader?

A leader must be 18 years or older if they are to be part of a leadership team with a significant responsibility.

A young person being apprenticed into leadership roles should be at least 15 years of age and only work under the direct supervision of an adult leader.

UCSA Screening & Authority process

The Screening and Authority processes is an important part of the policies and practices of the Uniting Church SA. It involves two steps: Informed Consent for police history information through the UC Screening Services Unit and then authorisation by the Church Council as they appoint the person into a role of responsibility having completed due diligence.

What roles does this include?

The obvious roles are those in designated ministry leadership roles e.g. ministers, leaders of children and youth, pastoral care visitors, Church Council members. We also need to include individuals who have a perceived responsibility in the tasks that they undertake. If we use the lens of an outsider observing an individual in a position of power and trust, then we need ensure we are communicating to the wider community that we understand the importance of providing safe ministry.

Individuals being considered for leadership/role of responsibility should first be approached privately to ensure they are willing to participate in the screening process. The Presbytery and Synod office provides a centralised service for the screening requests to be processed.

National Police History Check - Informed Consent forms

To ensure the consent form can be processed adequately, please read the instructions carefully before submitting. 

This form is then sent to:

UC SA Screening Service Unit
GPO Box 2145, Adelaide, SA, 5001

If you can't find your current UCA Ref ID, use this form to receive it in an email.