Called to Care

Uniting People = you & me & everyone else...

There's a little squiggly mark that can bring us all together. & .

Without the '& ', we are just a bunch of individuals living alongside each other.

Together - we are called to be community.


Being in community together.....

We accept & welcome everyone

We believe God cares for us & we are to care for each other

We provide safe place to explore & grow & learn.....


The "&" represents that which holds us together in caring Christian communities.

For our ministry to be effective we need to incorporate safe & best practices in leadership, in our programs, our actions, our behaviours & within our facilities.

Called to Care promotes & assists the Uniting Church community with relevant information about ensuring a safe physical, emotional & spiritual environment for us all.

Called to Care orientation sessions are now being offered around the state. Key congregational office holders and key leaderswill gather to explore what it means to create a safe community.

Called to Care is people centred when considering:

  • Pastoral care 
  • Risk management for People and Property
  • Healthy governance 
  • Up to date employment/volunteer practices

Child Safe Environments – Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Training will continue to be conducted and compliments this program

Start planning in your church calendar now for opportunities to participate.

Perhaps your church would like to host a session?
More information or to enquire about orientation session contact:

Click here if you would like more information on the training course: Code of Ethics & Child Safe Environments - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Called to Care reporting and training>

UCSA Screening and Authority Process (incl National Criminal History Check)>