Uniting Church Investment Committee

The Uniting Church Investment Committee (UCIC) is a sub-committee of the Resources Board Resources Board, which oversees all investment activities of the Presbytery and Synod entities to ensure that these entities comply with the spirit of the Resources Board mandate.

As well the UCIC ensures consistency of application, wherever appropriate, of investment policy and strategy, portfolio management processes and distribution policy within an appropriate risk management framework.

The UCIC oversees UC Invest, an activity of the Uniting Church in SA which has been specially set up to provide investment services for the Uniting Church Community. This allows the Church to maximise the amount of money our community has to achieve its missional priorities.

This is done in a number of ways. Firstly UC Invest provides a quality investment service that seeks to maximise investment returns whilst investing within an approved risk management and ethical investment framework.  As well it generates profits by pooling the community’s funds together and investing in a diversified and large investment portfolio with a long term investment time horizon. Its surpluses over and beyond that needed to pay its investors interest and capital back, is then used to build up reserves and to make grants and sponsorships to the Uniting Church SA community.

For more information go to http://ucinvest.com.au/