23-25 November 2017 Presbytery and Synod Annual Meeting

at Adelaide West Uniting Church


From the Moderator, Rev Sue Ellis: "At the next Synod and Presbytery meeting, we will move our focus from the messenger birds to reflect on another bird in the logo – the parent bird feeding the young chicks in the nest. Focussing on 'Nurture', 2018 will be a year of intentional discipleship. As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus, to learn how to become more like him in our attitudes and behaviour, so the work of Jesus can be continued on earth." 

General Information

Letter to Members of the SA Presbytery and Synod from the Associate General Secretary, Planning and Management
Venue information including access;   Meeting Papers and Technology;   Meals and accommodation;  Intention to Attend and Registration Processes;   Nominations and Elections for Councils and Committees; Making a Proposal;   Business Committee; Chaplains;   Recognition of Ministry Service and Service of Ordination

Our structure in SA
Who's Who?
The meeting structure: How we meet together
Decision Making at Presbytery and Synod meetings
Elections at Presbytery and Synod meetings
Making a proposal at a Presbytery and Synod meeting
Your rights and responsibilities as a Presbytery and Synod member

Moderator's Opening Sermon

Encounter Church Planting Video

Meeting Information and Business Reports

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(excludes nomination information and forms)


Please check this document before sending to print (480 pages)





23 - 25 November 2017 Annual Meeting Papers -


The DRAFT PROGRAM is correct as of 16 November 2017


The PROPOSALS DOCUMENT is correct as at 16 November 2017



Presbytery and Synod Structure - Resourcing Document (Saturday 11 am) 



Annual Reports


Section 1


CEO/General Secretary's Report (including 11 attachments)
It is important to view the attachments first if you plan to print some or all of the CEO/General Secretary's Report. You may prefer not to print all of the attachments.


Standing Committee Report

S1.3 - All Confirmed Standing Committee Minutes since the November 2016 Annual Meeting


Communications Report

- For media releases go to Uniting Church News


UnitingCare Report - for more information on UnitingCare, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/unitingcare-sa/


Stipends Committee Report - for more information on Ministerial Stipends, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/stipends/


Pastoral Relations & Mission Planning - for more information about the Team, resources and document, go to PR&MP


Moderator's First Term Report - for more information on the Moderator's Theme, go to UCSA Moderator


Disaster and Recovery Minstries - for more information on this ministry, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/disaster-and-recovery-ministries


Record of Service - Pastor Graham Ingram


In Memoriam


Property Trust and Resources Board Report - for more information on the Resources Board, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/resources-board/

Index to Financial Statements 2016 - See the June 2017 Presbytery and Synod meeting page for the remainder of the Financial Statements

3Dnet Audited Report received and withheld for privacy reasons


Mission & Service Fund Proposed 2018 Budget




Mission & Leadership Development Report (Mission Resourcing and Uniting College for Leadership & Theology)


Readiness for Ordination Report - Jesse Size


Readiness for Ordination Report - Mark Schultz


Uniting Church Foundation Grants Committee Report - for more information on the Unting Foundation, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/uniting-foundation/


Synod Ecumenical Relationships Committee Report - for more information on SERC, go to http://sa.uca.org.au/synod-ecumenical-relationships-committee-serc/


Uniting Church Relief Fund Report 


Section 2

South Australian Council of Churches (SACC) - for more information on the SACC, go to South Australian Council of Churches


Schools Ministry Group Annual Report 2016


Training Aboriginal Christian Leaders SA Inc


Uniting Church Historical Society of SA - for more information on the Historical Society , go to http://historicalsociety.unitingchurch.org.au/


Section 3

3Dnet Mission Network - 3DNet


Community Outreach Mission Network - http://comn.ucasa.org.au/


Grace Connections Mission Network


Gulf Mission Network


Hope Mission Network


Urban Mission Network


Western Mission Network


Membership Nomination Information and Nomination Forms

Listing of all Presbytery & Synod SA Committees, current membership, date commenced and date to conclude


Standing Committee Information - Membership and Roles and Responsibilities

Standing Committee Nomination Form


Placements Committee Nomination Form - to also serve as a member of the Pastoral Relations Committee


Chairperson - Placements Committee Nomination Form


Parkin Mission & Parkin Trust Nomination Form


15th Assembly - from 2.00 pm Sunday 8 July 2018 to 1.00 pm 14 July 2018, Box Hill, Melbourne

Nomination Information, including general information,member responsibilities, *co-contribution, travel arrangements, venues, Nominations for President-Elect (Nominations for President- Elect must be received 90 days before the commencement of the triennial Assembly, i.e. nominations close on 9 April 2018. 

(the co-contribution cost for SA members of $550 per person will be paid by the SA Presbytery and Synod)

15th Assembly - Nomination Form - Nominations close 4.00 pm Friday 24 November 2017


Presbytery Travel Guidelines and Requisition Form


Using YAPP

The Yapp App provides a central database for attendees of the Presbytery and Synod meeting.  It contains the following information: schedule for the meeting, reports and proposals, daily e-Updates, photographs, social media links and a news feed which allows for real-time updates of proceedings.  The app can be viewed on tablets and smartphones and can also be viewed offline or online for real-time news feed/updates.

In order to download the app on your smartphone or tablet, we have created these simple instructions: 

  • Go to the App store on your smartphone or tablet and download the “Yapp” app.
  • Enter code:  http://my.yapp.us/Y7XMVT
  • Ensure you agree to the push notifications by selecting ‘allow’ when the app prompts you with this question after you download the app
  • Once the app has downloaded, navigate the different menus to locate the schedule, reports and papers.