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UnitingCare Australia has welcomed moves by the Turnbull Government to crackdown on betting advertising during live sporting coverage as part of a package of media reforms launched on the weekend.

The new restrictions will ban gambling ads on live television broadcasts from five minutes before the commencement of play until five minutes after the conclusion of play or 8.30pm, whichever comes sooner.

National Director Claerwen Little says UnitingCare Australia has been campaigning against the proliferation of gambling in the community, including television advertising, for some time.

“Gambling advertising, and particularly sports betting, positions gambling as a normal part of enjoying sports, which we believe is unhealthy for young Australians and will pave the way for growing numbers of problem gamblers," she says. 

“Gambling advertisements can also act as a trigger for those already struggling with gambling problems.”

Claerwen says UnitingCare also supports calls for the ban to go further to include all gambling advertising during children’s viewing times and extend the G-rating to cover major sporting events children view at other times.

UnitingCare Australia represents the UnitingCare agencies that work closely with people affected by problem gambling across urban, regional, rural and remote communities. These agencies deliver emergency relief, financial counselling, prisoner support, mental health, relationship, youth, family support and homelessness services.

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