Reflection of the week

By Linda Sutton

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I am definitely not a ‘morning person’. But that had to change when I became parent, as I adjusted to the demands of four hourly infant feeds. I had to be awake and alert.

Paul encourages the people of Thessalonica to be on the alert in 1 Thessalonians 5:5-7. They had expected the return of Christ in their lifetime, and perhaps had become complacent. They might have thought their work was done, and that they could sit back and simply wait.

We also live in the expectations of that day, when Christ will return. But meanwhile, we should stay awake and alert to the needs of those around us.


Sometimes, Lord, we may be awake, but unaware that someone needs our company, our friendship and our understanding. Stir us into action, we pray, that our waiting may be proactive, for the sake of your kingdom. Amen.


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