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Every day most of us put on a different mask for the people with whom we interact. One of the reasons is that we think people will not like us if they see the true person behind the mask. We often feel we are not worthy of love or respect if people see us as we are.

God sees us EXACTLY as we are, warts and all, and loves us unconditionally! How can we possibly doubt this when God's only son, Jesus Christ, died for us on the cross?


Understanding and Loving God, help us to love ourselves just as you see and love us. Let us see the beauty and the good in each person we meet, and love them without reservation. Your love surpasses all our understanding. May I love unconditionally just as You love me. May I be able to see beyond the masks that people put on so that I see the pain, the joy, the embarrassment or other feelings they may be hiding. Amen.

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