Reflection of the week

By Linda Sutton

Posted in Faith

As I think about the Israelites traveling towards the Promised Land, I marvel at the way God accompanies them and provides for them. They have been delivered from their Egyptian masters, fed with the miraculous bread-like manna, and quenched their thirst with water from a rock.  To my dismay, they turn on their leaders, Moses and Aaron, conveniently forgetting those blessings. 

This turn of event is also lived out in my own life and travels, and those of the people around me. Leaders of government, community and churches sometimes become scapegoats for circumstances beyond their control. People forget, as the Israelites did, the benefits previously received.

Before I journey on, I pause to reflect on God’s providence and give thanks.


Generous and gracious God, I praise and thank you that you continue to provide for my needs. You sustain me with the power of your Holy Spirit. You reassure me as I walk the pilgrim road, and I trust in your companionship along the way. In Jesus name. Amen.

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