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The next meeting of the Uniting Church in Australia, Presbytery and Synod of South Australia, will be held from 23-25 November at Adelaide West Uniting Church. These meetings are made up of worship, business and information sessions, and provide a time for church members and leaders from across South Australia to gather together.

The presentation and discussion of proposals and the subsequent time of deliberation and decision-making are an important part of each Presbytery and Synod meeting. The proposals that are passed help to shape the future of the Uniting Church in South Australia.

Proposals are often presented by members of the Synod or different Uniting Church SA committees and boards – but these are not the only people invited to contribute in this way.

Any member of the Presbytery and Synod may bring a proposal, as an individual or as a representative of their constituents. The Business Committee accepts proposals and arranges for their presentation at the Presbytery and Synod meetings.

All proposals, except those concerned with business arising during debate at the meeting, must be submitted no later than two weeks before a Presbytery and Synod meeting is due to take place. The deadline for proposals for the November 2017 meeting is Thursday 9 November.

Those proposals arising from business discussions at the meeting must be received by the Business Committee no later than 24 hours before the final business session at the meeting (as listed in the meeting program).

Proposals must be accompanied by a report identifying the task or action to be undertaken, a rationale for the proposal, the responsible person/s or body, the time frame, the required personnel, the expected outcomes, and subsequent action. A summary of any background information to support the proposal should also be shared.

Submitting a proposal is an excellent way for members, congregations and faith communities to make a difference in the life and direction of the wider Uniting Church SA.

For more information about the Presbytery and Synod meeting or to submit a proposal, please contact Malcolm Wilson on 8236 4206 or email

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