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Writing music has been a part of Lochie Hogarth’s life for pretty much as long as he can remember. Now he’s beginning to see the fruits of his labour with the release of the Christian single, “Home”.

“I think I’ve made up songs from before I could even pick up a pen,” Lochie recalls. “One of the first complete songs I wrote with Dad was played at KCO in 2002, which was an amazing encouragement.”

Since that time, Lochie moved between writing Christian songs and secular music, and accumulated over 200 half-written songs on his iPhone. He also completed an entire secular album during a brief stint at university.

“But that music just didn’t sit well with my spirit and I later deleted it. I needed a new direction.”

Earlier this year, he found that direction during one of Journey Uniting Church’s ecumenical youth worship nights.

“We had a visiting pastor at this particular Fearless worship night. She was half way through her sermon when she stopped suddenly and shared a prophetic word – she told me that God had put songs on my heart that people needed to hear, and that they would come out of a Fearless movement.”

A week later, Lochie was contacted out of the blue by a music producer looking to collaborate on some worship music.

“It all started to fall into place, but there was a lot of work to do – and quickly. We wanted to get some music together ready for our Fearless Conference in July. Turning all the half-finished tunes in my head and on my phone into actual songs has been a pretty crazy process.”

Drawing on resources from Fearless and Journey Youth, as well as gathering ideas from friends, Lochie began working on the first single, “Home”.

“I was sitting in Church one Sunday watching a friend who was going through a particularly difficult time. He was worshipping like there was no sickness, no pain, no trial. And God gave me the final verse of ‘Home’ around the theme of being a ‘good and faithful servant’,” Lochie reflects. “Billy [Hogarth] and the producer loved the concept so we begun work on it.”

The song was released on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify on Monday 3 April and quickly climbed to a number one position in iTunes’ Inspirational Chart.

“We called ourselves Fearless Worship to align ourselves with the Fearless Conference and movement,” Lochie explains.

“Our worship nights and the upcoming conference are part of this movement, but it’s also bigger than that. Fearless is about empowering Gen Y to equip Gen Z to reach a generation with Jesus.”

Fearless Worship will release a six song EP at the Fearless Conference, which will be held at Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre from Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 July.

“We’re really excited about what the future holds for Fearless Worship and the Fearless vision,” Lochie enthuses.

An article with more information about the Fearless movement will be published in the June/July print edition of New Times. For more information about the Fearless Conference, please click here.

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