Motor Vehicle Lease Scheme

MVLS Changes

The Motor Vehicle Lease Scheme (MVLS or the Scheme) will wind up over the next few years, as current leases end, following a review process.

If you (a congregation or a driver) are not currently part of the MLVS then you will not be able to join the Scheme (enter into a new lease agreement as part of the MVLS).

For those who are currently a part of the Scheme (ie. a driver or a treasurer of a congregation) you will have received email correspondence from us outlining in detail the proposed changes and some of the options available for drivers and/or congregations going forward.

If you are currently part of the MLVS and haven’t received this information, or you would like to clarify anything further in relation to the changes, then please contact the Uniting Church office and ask to speak to the Fleet Administrator.