MediaCom - A Centre for Curriculum Development

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Standing Committee formally approved the formation of this new centre on 29th August, 2008.

The Uniting Church Synod of South Australia and MediaCom Education Inc will cooperatively contribute to the resourcing of congregations and groups across the UCA of SA in the area of Christian Education Curricula supply and support. The Centre for Curriculum Development will:

• Provide lectionary based Christian Education Resources to the UCA;
• Contribute to the overall editorial development of Seasons of the Spirit through the input of its International Editor, Susan Burt;
• Provide a comprehensive range of educational curricula and resources for children's ministry;
• Keep the church informed as to the provision of Christian Education Resources through its distribution partnerships – in particular with Abingdon Press and Group Publishing.

The Centre will reflect the ethos of the Uniting Church in South Australia and will endeavour to lead the Church in developing effective, innovative and exciting programs and resources in the area of Christian education, small groups and other activities that utilize a curriculum based approach.

Visit the MediaCom Education Inc website to view resources, including monthly specials.