Mission Networks

In 2005, the Uniting Church in SA formed mission networks. These networks focus on equipping congregations for mission and ministry. You can contact the networks directly:

3DNet Rev Naomi Duke jjankz@gmail.com 3dnet.org.au
Community Outreach Allan Barnes chmatter@tpg.com.au comn.unitingchurchsa.org.au
Grace Connections Rev Lawrie Linggood linggood@adam.com.au  
Hope Mr Ron Tiller rtiller@dodo.com.au hopenet.unitingchurchsa.org.au
Northern Rural Marian Wicks marianwicks@gmail.com  
Gulf Rev Phil Webber philscan55@hotmail.com  
Urban Susan Burt susan@urbannetwork.org.au www.urbannetwork.org.au
Western Avriel Barnett agbarnett@iinet.net.au