KCO Event Team

Want to be part of the KCO Event Team in 2017?

Every year, a group of amazing volunteers – both adults and mentored 17 year olds – come together to form the KCO Team. These people volunteer their time, skills and enthusiasm in the areas of administration, security, traffic, tech, catering, Create, Play, worship, music, crew, chaplaincy and logistics.

Still interested?

Download and read: KCO Fact Sheet - Team Information 2017 (394 kb PDF)

(Keep it somewhere you can refer to as the event approaches.)

Hopefully you have been pointed here by a KCO Team Coordinator, if not, please contact the KCO Event Office to discuss which area you’d like to serve in (8236 4246or kco@sa.uca.org.au ).

Please complete the following steps to register:

ScreeningStep 1 - UCA Screening

. The UCSA Screening and Authority process need to be completed in order to work with children at KCO in 2017. Please complete and submit as soon as possible and before Monday 13th February 2017 to ensure time for processing. Completing the Uniting Church National Police History Check - Informed Consent form is the most urgent registration task. The form is available here>

For a screening to be active for KCO 2017, it must have been completed after 27 March 2014. If you have already obtained this previously please supply your current UCA Ref ID. If you are unable to locate it, there is an online form that can be completed to obtain this information. Once the form has been submitted, an email or an SMS will be sent. A copy of the confrmation letter can also be requested. This form can be found here:

FormStep 2 - Sign Up

It is preferred that team register and stay with their church group.

  • A. Sign up through your church Group Coordinator who will provide meals and accommodation
    for you at the fee they are charging their leaders.
  • B. Sign up through the KCO Event Office. If your role means that you are unable to attend with a group from your congregation, or your congregation doesn’t have a group attending KCO this year, then we ask you to complete the registration form so that we can cater for your needs & allocate you a bed through Adare House. 


Step 3 - Declaration and Referee Form

Make sure you’ve read the KCO Fact Sheet - Team Information 2017 (394 kb PDF)

Download the appropriate Volunteer Declaration & Referee form, complete it and get a Minister or Church Council member to sign it and then return it to the KCO Event Office as soon as possible.

Adult Volunteers: KCO Form - Adult Volunteer Declaration And Referee (228 kb PDF)

Junior Volunteers: KCO Form - Junior Volunteer Declaration And Referee (529 kb PDF)

InformationStep 4 - Rock up to KCO

Rock up to KCO on 8pm on Friday 24 March and enjoy yourself as you help others and serve Christ!

If you have any questions - please ask your KCO Team Coordinator or contact the KCO Event Office.