Engage Together: Intergenerational Worship Ideas for Pentecost (June - July)

This resource is designed to assist and inspire churches with ways to adapt elements of a worship liturgy to be more intergenerational during the season of Pentecost (June-July 2017). The resource is based on the lectionary readings but the ideas can be adapted to suit any Bible/theme focus.
Its basic approach is to take as a foundation the general principles of multi-age worship – such as seeking to be multi-sensory, multi-intelligence and
multi-ability aware – and add a layer of intergenerational awareness. Broadly speaking, this resource addresses the Welcome, Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Music and Bible Reading elements often found in the first third of a mainline worship service. This resource has been written and produced in partnership across three Uniting Church Synods, including South Australia’s Intergenerational Team.Your feedback about this resource will be gratefully received. Please e-mail your comments to Melissa at


Day 50 and counting

Here's a resource to help you make your worship on Pentecost Sunday a giant birthday celebration for the church. A celebration that involves people of all ages, with balloons and songs and stories and food.
The package includes general notes about all-age worship, a list of Pentecost traditions, a list of Scripture verses relating to the Holy Spirit, a script for a dramatic reading of the Pentecost story, and a complete sample worship service.

The sample service encourages people to engage different 'intelligences' — including mathematical thinking — in worship.



The colour of Pentecost, is an acronym for ‘Really Exciting Day’. Pentecost worship can be a really exciting worship for young, old and in between.

This resource provides notes and a sample worship format that you can use on this Really Exciting Day.


Happy Birthday to the Church

A resource for planning intergenerational worship for Pentecost.
This resource helps congregations organise a worship party catering for people of all ages. It's a party with a purpose: to be the church that was born at Pentecost, to worship the God of Pentecost, to recall the events of the birth of the church, to remember and celebrate who we are and to enjoy being together as God's family.
The document includes general notes about all age worship and about Pentecost as well as a fully scripted sample service.