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Easter Sunday All-Age Service Resource: Do not be fooled, be full of life

Prepared by Uniting Church SA Moderator, Rev Sue Ellis for Easter 2018

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand full. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” – Ephesians 3:19 
This year’s, Easter Sunday falls on 1 April – or April Fool’s Day. The word “fool” is one with many negative associations. Although we may not mind falling for a prank or a joke on April Fool’s Day, we do not regularly like to be thought of as fools.There is, however, a difference between being fooled by things of the world and being a fool for Christ.

The resource recognises and values the children present in the worshipping congregation and the ‘child within’ each adult and encourages dialogue between generations within the worship service.It is hoped this resource will assist congregations to think creatively about Easter Sunday worship in ways that will encourage the community to celebrate and reflect on this message over the Easter period.


Engage Together – Intergenerational worship ideas for Lent 2018

In this edition of Engage Together, covering the season of Lent, you will find a range of suggestions to encourage greater participation by people of all ages and to help foster intentional intergenerational connections. The material includes…

  • six worship service outlines (Sundays from Feb 18 to March 25 inclusive)
  • additional music resources
  • interactive Lent activity and take-home idea
  • links to other resources for Lent and Easter

Taking as its foundation the suggested readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, Engage Together is especially suitable for particular denominations (such as the Anglican, Lutheran and Uniting Churches) and usable by any church. Broadly speaking, this resource addresses
the Welcome, Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Music, Bible Reading and Prayers of the People elements often found in a typical worship service – plus it also includes a Take Home suggestion for each week.

This resource has been written and produced in partnership across three Uniting Church Synods, including South Australia’s Intergenerational Team.

Your feedback about this resource will be gratefully received. Please e-mail your comments to Melissa at

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Engage Together: Intergenerational Worship Ideas - overview

Want to know how to shape intergenerational worship? Then this is the resource for you!

It comprises five main sections, four focusing on one element of a typical service – Call to Worship, Music, Prayer and Bible Reading – plus one on Take Home ideas. Each section contains tips, suggestions, a list of ideas and a number of worked examples (with each of the examples drawn from previous editions of Engage Together). Our hope is that people will take up the challenge of embracing the concepts and applying them appropriately to the songs, texts and prayers that they are choosing for the worship services they are responsible for. In Advent, lest people be too daunted by this expectation, we will be returning to the previous format!

This resource has been written and produced in partnership across three Uniting Church Synods, including South Australia’s Intergenerational Team. Your feedback about this resource will be gratefully received. Please e-mail your comments to Melissa at


Planning Intergenerational Worship

Every Christian worship service can be considered an intergenerational worship service in the sense that the worshippers represent (or actually include) the whole body of Christ with its youngest and oldest members.

In this downloadable workshop we will be looking at intergenerational worship as worship that intentionally involves people of all ages in an encounter with God through a range of acts of worship, eg hearing and reflecting on God's word, responding to God with praise and/or confession, receiving forgiveness, giving offerings.

Intergenerational worship is different from 'children's worship' in which, commonly, adults prepare 'something for children'. In worship that is truly intergenerational, young and old worship together. Children, youth, young adults, middle-aged adults and older adults can also take part in planning for, inviting to and leading worship.

Where congregations have such ministry teams: intergenerational worship can be planned through cooperation of the worship team and the children's/family ministry team. Click here to down load this Planning Intergenerational Worship Guide:

Exploring Children's Involvement in Church

The presence of children in a worshipping congregation is a source of joy for the present and hope for the future. It may also provide opportunities to reshape worship practices and attitudes for the benefit of all worshippers.

Help! There's a child in my church! is a study paper to help congregations, worship planners, children's ministry leaders and parents explore the involvement of children in congregational worship.

Worship Service Ideas

On the left hand menu there are a great amount of worship services that are updated regularly. You may wish to use the service as is or adapt elements for your context. Whatever you do we would be very glad to hear your feedback to help use prepare resources for the future.


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