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Emergency Evacuation Policy

Policy Statement

Uniting Church SA is committed to providing a safe workplace and systems of work for all staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors (referred to collectively as ‘personnel’). It recognises that an emergency situation may occur which requires a well rehearsed and standardised response from all personnel, to ensure the safety of all persons on site at the time of the emergency.  An emergency is a situation that is dangerous or potentially dangerous to life, property and environment.

The aim of this policy is to ensure there are appropriately trained personnel to effectively and efficiently respond to an emergency and have the ability to carry out emergency evacuation procedures and to assist other personnel to respond as instructed.


In the event of an emergency evacuation at Uniting Church SA, 212 Pirie Street, Adelaide, all personnel are required to adhere to the following procedure:

On the discovery of an emergency, where an evacuation is necessary, the nominated Floor Warden (s) will:

  • Take note of the fire/evacuation alarm that will activate automatically;
  • Ensure personnel proceed to the designated assembly point situated at Frome St Adelaide, specifically at the north side of the basement car park entrance; and
  • Instruct personnel that require special assistance or have mobility constraints to follow their PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan);
  • If possible, isolate the fire/incident by closing doors.
  • If it is a suspected bomb evacuation, doors are required to be open.

All personnel will:

  • Follow Floor Warden (s) instructions and evacuate in an orderly manner to the designated evacuation point.
  • Await further instructions from the Floor Warden (s).

The nominated section Floor Warden (s) will:

  • Account for all personnel and direct them to remain at the designated assembly point; and
  • Once Emergency Services confirm the work site is safe, the Floor Warden (s) will direct personnel to return to their work area/station.

Executive Officer, Resources Board

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