Beginning a Fresh Expression of Church

Outlined below are some steps, a strategy for beginning a 'fresh expression'. This is not an exhaustive list, just some points to consider. One of the characteristics of 'fresh expressions' is that we need to be ready for the unexpected to happen and to go with it when it does.

  1. IDENTIFY THE HEARTBURST: Look for where God is calling you
  2. RAISE A TEAM: Share your vision with others to identify like minded people to be part of a team (3-4 people)
  3. GET PRAYER SUPPORT: Share the vision with people and have them pray for you
  4. IDENTIFY HOW YOU ARE GOING TO CONNECT TO THE TARGET GROUP: Dont be afraid to be specific in nominating a target group. Do you need an advert in the paper, flyers in letterboxes etc..?
  5. DREAM AND PLAN THE 'WHAT COULD THIS LOOK LIKE': what might be some strategic steps? If this Fresh Expression takes off what is it's potential and what steps might you put in place to get there? Be ready for things to vary or change as you develop. Plan to develop eg. might meet monthly to begin with but progress to weekly
  6. PLAN A LAUNCH: This needs lots of preparation. start with a 'bang' not a 'whimper'
  7. SET MEASURABLE OUTCOMES:be sure to set down some measurable outcomes to help you evaluate how things are going eg. numbers attending, money coming in, responses, phone calls etc)
  8. RAISE UP LEADERS: this happens all the way through the process. Look for those who are getting actively involved. once you identify them make sure they are equipped to do what is required. Have an idea of the kind of leaders you are looking for, set some criteria)

Ruthmary Bond
April 2009