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Notes from Term 2 Children and Family Ministry Key Leaders Gathering

Aims: catch up, share stories, pray together and remind ourselves we do this ministry together

Conversation Topics:

Messy Church - how are teams managing and how are we connecting with families/people outside the church?

Importance of reviewing ministry programs - are they meeting needs/being valued or just making us look/feel busy? And also ministry roles - am I still fulfilling a role?

Resources mentioned and recommended:

Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark


Red the life blood of family + yellow the light of Christ (church) = Orange ministry

Widen the Circle - identify and invite 5 other adults who speak the same principles/values as parents to connect with each child.

Invigor8 Conference>

Alpha Parenting Course - highly recommended, including for non-Christian families (parenting from a Christian principle perspective).

John Roberto will be leading “Learning Intensive - Engaging All Ages & Generations” from 23-25 August and “National Conference - Formation and Mission in a Digital World” from 26-28 August in Sydney. More information on these events is available here

Books by John Roberto –Generations Together and Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century

Intergen Team Resources:

Intergen Christian Formation Grant funding for training, leadership development or support towards any ministry/program that connects with any of our key directions. Contact for more.

Intergenerational Team Key Directions

Ministry Challenges that were discussed:

Finding leaders

- when a name 'comes to your mind', go & ask them, don't push it aside.

-Valuing volunteers

                - during the service, took key volunteers out of service, provided lovely morning tea, and asked them about what they value, enjoy or what's challenging and whether it's best use of their skills/strengths.

                -gave a bookmark made by kids to thank volunteers

                -publish names in news sheet, get volunteers to stand up & get kids to give gift

                -train volunteers - Help them to feel that they have the skills that they need

                -communicate clearly and well with them

                -support volunteers

-Carey Nieuwhof talk on 7 keys to leading high capacity volunteers

Children with special needs

- How to equip volunteers

- What are overall needs and who in congregation has skills to support these kids to engage in ministry program and how do we support/help parents

- how do schools work with these children -sit down and talk with parents

Next gathering in Term 4, 2016:"> Lorraine at Adelaide West Uniting Church to find out more.