Next Generation DVD

Children's Ministry Network (CMN) Australia is very pleased to introduce an Australian version of the 'Next Generation DVD' and accompanying 'Next Generation DVD Users Guide'. The Nazarene Church in the US created a powerful DVD with a challenging message from children and young people to the US church.

The CMN was given permission to reshoot an Australian version based on the same script and style, with changes for our culture. Two formats are available: standard (4:3 ratio) and wide screen (16:9 ratio). Download the Users' Guide to help you best use this powerful new resource. You can find these free resources at  http://www.cmn.org.au.  Click on Next Generation DVD at the top of the left column to open the page with the options for downloading.


Tell it like it is cards

These cards can be a great 'ice breaker' for a new ministry team to help them talk about faith issues.


Children, spirituality and worship Articles


A Question of Language

Does language matter? A theological reflection prompted by the DVD Esther: A Shining Star, by Australian group Rocfish


Book Reviews

Women in the Bible series

Download a fuller review of the content and the theology behind these challenging books by Lois Miriam Wilson. These books were briefly reviewed in KUCA e-News Winter 2009 page 19. 


The Heavenly Party by Michelle Guinness

Download a more extensive review of this book which were reviewed briefly in the Resources section of the Autumn 2008 issue of KUCA e-News:


Books for Leaders