Ministry Leaders

This section is for people in ministry with children and families – whether at a church or in the community. Here you’ll find information about events and training, safety and care, running a playgroup and curricula for different ministries.

Under the Resources menu option you will find a huge variety of activities, games and media as well as themed resources for seasons of the church year (such as Easter and Pentecost).

We encourage ministry leaders at Uniting Churches in SA to check that their children and family ministry information is current on their church websites and also in the “For Parents” section. Are your playgroup details correctly listed? Do you run other family friendly programs? Are they listed in the “find a family friendly church”?

Prayers for Children and Family Ministry

For the months of June and July we want to pray for your ministries - programs, leaders, opportunities, events. We invite you to share your prayer requests with us via email ( These will be confidential and emails will be deleted but please do not use surnames.