Family Faith Development

Family Ministry is an approach to ministry and programming, not a specific program. The Family Ministry approach assumes that:

  • Christian faith involves living out beliefs and values in every relationship, arena and calling of life.
  • The family* is the primary social unit in which, through which, and to which Christian ministry happens.
  • Christian faith is caught more than it is taught. It is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit through trusted personal relationships — often in families.
  • Congregations have a duty to equip and encourage parents to nourish, communicate and pass on faith to children in their own home.
  • A faith community is called to work for the welfare of the individuals and families in the wider community, particularly for children and people with special needs.
  • The Christian congregation is an extended family made up of people of several generations caring for one another.

*Family Ministry relates to people's actual 'closest relationships' rather to any specific definition of what constitutes a family or household; and it relates to all-adult households as well as those with young children.

Faith Development in Families

This short document offers many practical ways that churches can support families with faith development, as well as helpful resources and courses.